About Us

Our Story 

TimeFree Innovations is an enterprise software company which helps businesses improve their operational efficiency and staff productivity through big data analytics.

TimeFree Innovations was started by four college students from Ateneo de Zamboanga University in the Philippines. We proposed a virtual queuing solution which sends SMS alerts to customers before their turn, ensuring a positive customer experience for organizations.

We believe that every solution starts with a problem.

In 2010, the glaring problem for us is this: wasting time in insufferably long lines. We turned to the power of technology to address this. So now, lining up at partner sites ahead of time is not much of a pain. There’s a TimeFree suite of mobile and web apps for that!

And that is how TimeFree was born, with a strong desire to make things easier. But in a country like the Philippines and in various organizations where inconveniences abound, the job of TimeFree is far from done. We aim to do more. 

Our team of talented leaders, engineers, developers, and knowledge workers is ready. We seek to channel the combined force of mobility, big data, and the cloud. We aim to create solutions which make positive impact. We will do more.

From fixing long lines and spending long nights, our focus has always been and will always be forward. Born out of an idea to simplify queues using wireless technology, TimeFree has grown to become a full-blown corporation offering technology enterprise solutions.

Do you have a problem? Let us offer a solution.